RIGA 2043
I drew this comic at a workshop themed "Postcards from the Future". The story is set in the city of Riga in 2043, and it was done under the supervision of Mia Oberländer at the Goethe Institute Riga during my stay at the kuš! Residency. 

We've all wondered what we might look like in 20 years. But how do you think the places we live in age? The gas station that we pass every day or the monument in front of the town hall? How could the choices we make today change the way we live in the future? The participants imagine a Riga in the year 2043 and write postcards to each other. Based on these postcards, they draw one-sided comics and talk about innovative, funny or tragic visions of the future. After the workshop, the best results will be printed as A3 Riso posters and will tour Latvia as an exhibition.

Risograph 2 colors
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